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Why do people get owl tattoos

It’s not every day that you see someone parading around with an owl tattooed on their being. But you have to admit that when you do see someone with an owl tattoo, you can’t help but [...]

Why do tattoos fade

A lot of people that get tattoos often don’t realize that these amazing works of art are prone to fading too. While smaller, less detailed tattoos can simply be refreshed with fresh ink after fading, larger [...]

Why Do Tattoos Itch

When people are tattooed they may be surprised to find that while the body art is healing, the most irritating part will be itching that can go on for days. This may make some curious as [...]

Why do we really get tattoos

Traditionally, tattoos were sported only by people who found themselves on the sidelines of society. These were generally bikers, prisoners, sailors or career criminals who got their skin inked because they couldn’t express their true selves [...]

Why do people get tattoos

Tattooing has been an old practice in many cultures, especially in Asia and Africa, and spread throughout the world. Though it is difficult to unearth the origin of tattoos, but tattooing has been a Eurasian practice [...]