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Why Do Entrepreneurs Face Stress While Starting a Business

Did you think that you simply need an awesome idea to start a new business and it will make you famous, rich and successful? If you did, then you really need to find the reality of [...]

Why Do People Always Remain in Pursuit of Happiness

Ask yourself whether you always want to stay in a stressed mode and do not want to avoid your sadness. It is a bet that your heart will never say yes to it, as it constantly [...]

Why Do We Run Away from Negativity

You are not the only one who avoids negative thoughts or things. Many people have a fear of negativity that forces them to avoid any action, thing or subject that invokes negativity in them. In fact, [...]

Why Do Cats Lick Their Owners

If you have a pet cat at home that suckles you or licks you frequently, then do not be very happy by assuming that your cat loves you a lot. This behavior may mean something completely [...]

Why Do Adults Start Bed-wetting

While bed-wetting or sleep enuresis is a common issue among children, it becomes a reason of concern when it starts in adults. Usually, it is considered a sign of some ongoing medical problem or any other [...]

Why Do We See Nightmares While Sleeping Soundly

While everybody would want to see the dreams that take them into a magical and happy world, some people also face tragic and disturbing nightmares while they are deep asleep. Actually, dreams only come when you [...]

Why Do Some People Start Smoking as Teenagers

While you may see no-smoking signs at various places in your surroundings and observe many kinds of campaigns taking place to make people aware of the harms of smoking, there are still some people who begin [...]

Why do teens stress

Teenage or adolescent years are marred with conflicts and controversies. Generally it is believed that teen years are years of fun, frolic and living life to fullest, but you ask any single adolescent about how is [...]

Why do people bite their fingernails

Does your child bite his/her nails quite often? Do you often find him/her watching TV and biting nails? Do you need to stop him/her several times a day from biting nails? If you wonder about the [...]