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Why do horses sleep standing

When we feel tired and our body demands sleep, we automatically start longing for a comfortable bed to lie down and a nice soft pillow for resting our head. It is never a good idea for [...]

Why Do We See Nightmares While Sleeping Soundly

While everybody would want to see the dreams that take them into a magical and happy world, some people also face tragic and disturbing nightmares while they are deep asleep. Actually, dreams only come when you [...]

Why do feet fall asleep

When we stay in one position for long time, our arms or feet tend to fall asleep. We begin to feel a tingling sensation and find ourselves unable to move that part of body. Though it [...]

Why do dogs sleep so much

Sleep is very important in order to stay active and healthy. Remember the day when you could not sleep well and the next day you felt pretty lethargic. On the other hand, when you overslept, you [...]

Why do we drool in sleep

Have you ever noticed that when you sleep on your side, you wake up with saliva leaking out of your mouth? Does that feel embarrassing? Need not to worry, as it is a common condition with [...]

Why do old people sleep so much

Old people tend to snooze very fast, whenever they get time. You may be sharing your college time stories with your granny and suddenly you find that she is snoring in the midst of a laughter [...]