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Why Do Cats Nibble Grass

It is not just limited to street cats but your pet cats also nibble grass when they get a chance. If you have noticed your cat doing the same and have wondered about this behavior, then [...]

Why Do Some Home Plants Die

Many people complain that their home plants die before they even get aware of the fact. For all such individuals who love to garden, it is essential to know the basic reasons behind the early death [...]

Why Do Governments Develop National Parks

You would have been to many national parks where native animals and plants are nurtured. However, many of you may also have raised questions about the very existence of these parks. Actually, there are more than [...]

Why Do Plants Absorb Nitrogen through Their Roots

Although you may be aware of the fact that plants use their roots to absorb essential nutrients like nitrogen, you may not know the exact reason behind their need to gain nitrogen. So, let us start [...]

Why Do Plants Have Cell Walls

A cell wall is a tough layer of protection for some types of cells. Usually surrounding the cells and based outside the cell membrane, a cell wall serves various purposes in plants. Check out some of [...]

Why do plants transpire

Plants have many interesting facts surrounding them, such as how plants make their own food, how plant respires and how growth and development takes place in plants. One interesting fact about plants is the process of [...]

Why do plants need nitrogen

Humans require vitamins and minerals for growth and development, but have you wondered what plants require for their growth and development? Yes, plants just like human beings also require certain amount of nutrients such as nitrogen, [...]

Why do plants have bright colored flowers

Is gardening your passion? Or do you love nature? Have you ever wondered about what significance does a simple flower color have for the plants? In fact, did you know that brightly colored flowers are of [...]

Why do plants need oxygen

Since class 1, we all were told that plants are natural sources of oxygen. They produce oxygen for other living beings to survive and still they need oxygen from air for themselves. [...]

Why do plants lean towards sunlight

Have you ever wondered why do plants, kept indoors or under shade, lean towards the area where they get exposed to the sunlight? Charles Darwin was the first scientist who discovered the reason behind plants leaning towards [...]