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Why Do Plants Absorb Nitrogen through Their Roots

Although you may be aware of the fact that plants use their roots to absorb essential nutrients like nitrogen, you may not know the exact reason behind their need to gain nitrogen. So, let us start [...]

Why do plants need photosynthesis

All living creatures need food to survive and grow, and plants are no exception. Unlike human beings and animals, plants make their food without moving anywhere. They are able to do so with the help of [...]

Why do plants need air

Just like us and other living creatures on the earth, plants also need air to survive. While we, the human beings, need air only to breathe in, the plants need it for making their food as [...]

Why do plants have leaves

A leaf is the primary organ of any plant and just like human organs, a leaf is essential for the survival of a plant, until it itself stops it food making process and conserves nutrients and [...]

Why do plants appear green

One of the first things that a child learns is that plants are green. While at most times, the education about the color of plants stops here, there are a few who counter question that why [...]

Why do trees shed their leaves in autumn

Essentially trees can be categorized in two groups, evergreen trees and deciduous trees. While the former, as the name suggests, don’t shed their leaves and remain green throughout the year, on the other hand, the  shed [...]

Why do plants need sunlight

We love to see greenery around us. However, have we ever tried to answer some basic questions that may sound very simple in nature, but demand a reply for sure? Like why do plants need sunlight? [...]