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Why Do People Like Nike

People worldwide like to choose Nike when it comes to purchasing athletic shoes, equipment, apparel and accessories. Nike is a brand that appeals almost every age group with its unique designs of sports equipment and recreational [...]

Why Do People Like ESPN

Launched in 1979, the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network is an American television channel that is popularly known as ESPN. People have a strong liking for this channel network, as it is majorly owned and operated [...]

Why Do People Collect Shark Teeth

Did you know that shark teeth are quite valuable for those who collect them? Do you want to know how and why it is so? To understand this, you first need to know an interesting fact [...]

Why do people think blondes are dumb

Blondes, or women with light colored hair, are no less intelligent than women with any other hair color. However, popular perception claims that blondes are dumb. We examine the truth behind the stereotype. [...]

Why do people in their 40s think they are old

These days, people around the world are being that the 40s are the new 20s. While that may be true for celebrities that need to remain youthful for the sake of their careers, a majority of [...]

Why do people get warts

A wart is a small growth on the skin that may look like a small cauliflower or a solid blister. These appear typically on a person’s hands and feet though it can also appear on other [...]

Why do people get hammertoes

When a person’s toe gets stuck in a bent position, the condition is called a hammertoe. The condition affects the middle joint of the toe and the toe joint experiences a muscle and ligament imbalance. The [...]

Why do people become emo

Throughout history, there have always been people who wanted to distinguish themselves from mainstream society. A person who was morbid and sullen would have been called depressed or unsociable in the past though these days such [...]

Why do people travel alone

Traveling alone doesn’t rally sound all that appealing though it has gained both popularity as well as acceptance in society of late. The single traveler doesn’t get stared at so much today as he or she [...]

Why do people go to church

Religion doesn’t have the same hold over the population as it did some 500 years ago. However, many people still go to church and visiting a church remains an essential part of their schedules. Let’s find [...]