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Why Do People Continue Believe in UFOs

In a scientifically developed and modern world, there are many people who still believe in unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and aliens. Whenever people have claimed of watching a UFO in the sky, scientists have defended it [...]

Why Do People Really Use Facebook

In an online world, people are constantly searching for newer ways of communication. Facebook is an important part of online social media that supports communication in a variety of ways. Out of all social media platforms, [...]

Why Do People Volunteer

Many people volunteer for social causes on a regular basis. While a few people receive happiness from their efforts, others learn from their actions. Every individual has different reasons on why he/she volunteers for campaigns and [...]

Why Do People Go Rock Climbing

There is a growing interest of people in rock climbing. While there has been an improvement in the technology and techniques to perform it, people are getting more attracted toward the sport. Although rock climbing has [...]

Why Do People Skydive

Adventure sports like skydiving can be highly dangerous to life. Still, many people go for skydiving for the love and rush of it. What is it about skydiving that attracts them to take such a high [...]

Why Do People Collect Things

Collecting and piling objects is a hobby for many people. While some of them do it for the sake of their interest, others fulfill their psychological motives from collecting things. Read on to know some major [...]

Why Do People Need an Ad Server

An ad server stores advertisements and places them on websites for visitors. Its content is updated regularly so fresh ads can be served to visitors every time they refresh their pages. The technology and service used [...]

Why Do People Fast

Fasting is the avoidance or restriction of food intake for a certain period of time. Many people fast for various different reasons. While most of the religious-minded people do it for God’s sake, other health-oriented people [...]

Why Do People Start Smoking Cigarettes

Although cigarette companies warn people about the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, some people still fall into this addiction by starting to smoke cigarettes. Even after knowing about its negative impact, why do they still smoke? [...]

Why Do People Keep Pets

There is increasing number of families keeping pets at their places. You might also be fond of a dog or cat that you have kept in your house. However, did you ever analyze why you gave [...]