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Why do people go to Egypt

In the world of tourism, Egypt has been a fascinating fixture for the last 200 years. It was considered the epitome of cultural and exploratory travel in the past and most people wanted to go see [...]

Why do people go to Europe

Survey any travel company situated in Europe and you’d find that it remains the hottest destination for tourists around the world. While it may seem like everyone wants to vacation in Asia or the Caribbean these [...]

Why do people go to Paris

Tell a friend you are going to Paris and you are sure to draw a smile and sigh for sure. While a trip abroad gets friends excited for sure, some people aren’t too convinced with the [...]

Why do people go to restaurants

No one rally ever thinks too much about it, but going to a restaurant does appear rather a redundant activity in a world where take-ins can be ordered via the phone and online grocery stores can [...]

Why do people go to private schools

Public schools are known for being populated with kids from all strata of society. While it seems fine from a socialist point of view, this arrangement doesn’t appeal to parents who are worried about their kids [...]

Why do people go to work

Every person that has worked for a better part of his adult life often wakes up on Monday mornings wondering why people go to work. The question of why people go to work may sound like [...]

Why do people go to Wal-Mart

Wal-mart is one of the best known chain stores in the world and in most parts of the developed and developing world, they can be found in virtually every major city. Here are some of the [...]

Why do people go to Goa

Goa is often dubbed “Pearl of the Orient” by international travelers. The Indian state is popular with both domestic as well as international tourists and millions of them throng to its beaches during the tourist season. [...]

Why do people go to church

Religion doesn’t have the same hold over the population as it did some 500 years ago. However, many people still go to church and visiting a church remains an essential part of their schedules. Let’s find [...]

Why do people go to church on Sunday

In the Christian world and the cultures that have come to follow the Christian calendar, Sunday is the first day of the week. It is the day when Christians go to church and it also established [...]