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Why Do Old People Hate the Internet

It has been often opinionated that many old people do not like using the Internet. However, various professional surveys and studies have proved that old people really hate the Web. Although there could be several personal [...]

Why do old people sleep so much

Old people tend to snooze very fast, whenever they get time. You may be sharing your college time stories with your granny and suddenly you find that she is snoring in the midst of a laughter [...]

Why do old people get mean

Old age brings with it many insecurities and physical, emotional, mental and financial problems. No wonder, old people tend to get picky, selective and begin to show their idiosyncrasies. Some people call them mean, but the [...]

Why do old people lose their teeth

Old people lose teeth due to several factors. The most common causes involve poor oral hygiene and wrong eating habits. In the absence of proper brushing and flossing plaque begins to build up on and between [...]

Why do old people get cold easily?

Old people tend to get cold easily for a couple of reasons. Old age slows down the Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) – the complex chemical process in the body responsible for heat generation and many other [...]