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Why Do Men Go Bald

Looking at so many bald men around you, have you been thinking why it is majorly men that go bald? Then, you should check out some of the following reasons of their losing hair in patches. [...]

Why do men take so long in the bathroom

Anyone who has ever lived with a man knows that men take a lot of time in the bathroom. We know they aren’t spending their time grooming, doing their hair or putting on face packs. So [...]

Why do men indulge in multiple affairs

Affairs are complicated and more complicated are the reasons why men indulge in affairs. Cheating in a relationship and having affairs going on at the side is very common phenomenon for both men and women. There [...]

Why do men like fat women

Not all men like skinny women, some fall for the overweight lady as well. These guys are referred to as the fat admirers or the FAs. They like their wives or girlfriends to be fat, plump [...]

Why do men withdraw

Relationships are complicated and delicate. They need to be handled with care because if something goes wrong then making it right can be really difficult. Women often complain that their male partner has distanced himself from [...]

Why do men wear thongs

Experimenting with undergarments is definitely in fashion and men should not stay behind. Thongs on strongly built men look incredibly sexy and attractive. Isn’t that reason enough why men are opting for thongs? Women are often [...]

Why did men stop wearing high heels

In modern times women swear by stilettos and wedge heels for looking attractive. Heel shoes are thought to be a part of feminine fashion but there was a time when high heels were worn by men. [...]

Why do women earn less than men

In the modern era wherein we usually talk about the gender equality, there are certain areas where the difference still remains as prominent as ever. Earning is one of them.  The old shibboleth that women earn [...]