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Why Do Thai Girls Love Western Men

You may have heard about many Thai girls marrying Western men every year. Why is it that so many Thai girls and Western men are tying together? Well, there are some reasons behind this special liking [...]

Why Do We Love to Have Sex at Night

Although human sexual activity can take place at any time of the day, most people prefer to have sex at night. There are various reasons behind this fact according to studies done on both males and [...]

Why do fools fall in love

They say love is blind and that everyone who falls in love happens to be a fool! And sometimes, an individual would tend to fall in love several times over and over again in spite of [...]

Why do people love or hate you

All through our life, we meet several people. With some people we instantly hit the chord, the moment we meet them and with others we take time to familiarize, while with some people we just don’t [...]

Why do we love

Love is but one of the most crucial aspects of being human. It’s a magical experience that, if you are looking for real companionship, happens between two people.  However, there are few of us who have [...]

Why do men like younger women

It’s but obvious that most (not all, mind you) would like to be in a healthy relationship with a younger woman rather than a much older lady any day. Reasons may be multifarious depending upon the [...]