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Why do kids need cellphones

Parents of growing kids always face the dilemma about buying a cellphone for them. Conflicting views come to their mind considering the fact that technology and social networking tools/gadgets have been associated with negative attitude, poor [...]

Why do kids bully

Before we address the issue of kid’s bullying, we need to understand one bottom-line that cuts across all issues regarding kid’s behavior. Kids do what they learn from their environment. Kid’s propensity to bully others is [...]

Why do kids lie

Most of the mothers begin to share the concern that their kid is lying as soon as they turn three. This may sound bizarre that children at such young age are capable of telling lies, but [...]

Why do kids wet the bed

Kids wet the bed due to several reasons. First and foremost is the fact that the body of kids below six years is not fully developed and their bladder does not send the message to their [...]

Why do kids sweat when they sleep

Most kids (infants especially) sweat while they are in a deep stage of sleep. While one can so easily relate night sweats in children with heavy pajamas they wear, too many blankets we clad them in [...]