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Why Do People Perform Cardio Exercises

While some people find it dreadful to perform cardiovascular exercises, some others especially focus on such workout. They not only want to stay healthy by doing cardio workout, but also intend to lose some flab on [...]

Why Do We Need to Use Lemongrass

You may have seen this thin and long perennial plant called lemongrass. However, you may not know about the benefits it can provide you. Lemongrass can be magical for your health and fitness. This is due [...]

Why Do Some People Break Day-Long Fasts with Dates

In many cultures, fasting is a process that goes on for an entire day without the person eating or drinking anything. It is often seen that such fasting individuals break their day-long fasts by consuming dates. [...]

Why Do Some Fitness Freaks Love Gardening

You may have heard some fitness freaks sharing gardening tips or describing gardening as their prime hobby. While many people do not know about this fact, but good health has a deep connection with hobbies like [...]

Why Do We Use Mice to Study Human Diseases

For a long time, biologists have been conducting medical researches on mice. This is usually done to study human diseases and find appropriate treatments. Have you ever thought why mice are mostly used in medical labs? [...]

Why Do We Have Tonsils

Made of lymphoid tissue, tonsils are two rounds or tissue bumps that are based in back throat. These are located just at the nasal passage entrance. Tonsils play a major role in promoting better health in [...]

Why Do Arms Get Fat

People usually experience a bulking up of arms, as fat get stored in their arm muscles. There are various reasons due to which your arms may get fat. Check out some of the common reasons for [...]

Why do people go to the gym

For people that lead a sedentary lifestyle, getting around 30 minutes of experience every day is recommended by most health experts. A good way to accomplish this is to go to the gym every day. Even [...]

Why do we sweat

When we jog, we sweat; when we run, we sweat. On a hot day, our body may lose as much as one liter through excess sweating. Do you know why it happens? When we do any [...]