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Why Do Dogs Escape from Homes

Has your pet dog ever troubled you by running away from home? If so, then it is very important for you to understand the reasons why pet dogs run away. While you may find your dog [...]

Why Do You Require Pet Insurance

As human beings need medical and life insurance to ensure their security, don’t you think that your dear pet also requires insurance? While many pet owners may not have thought of considering this option for their [...]

Why Do Dogs Need Protein

As protein is an important component of your diet, it is the same for dogs. Dogs also need a balanced diet involving various components. Protein is probably the most important component that is required for the [...]

Why do dogs bark at night

There’s nothing more annoying than your neighbor’s dog barking at night just when you are about to hit the bed. Worse yet, there is nothing you or your neighbor can do anything about it. Apart from [...]

Why do dogs get worms

When it comes to domestic animals, many people think that fleas or ticks are the only big issue. However, there is another huge concern associated with the pets, especially dogs. These are worms. Just like fleas, [...]

Why do dogs eat their feces

If you are the owner of a dog, chances are big that you have got surprised as well as irritated multiple times to see your pet eating its own poop.  Have you ever thought of what [...]

Why do dogs have bad breath

Bad breath is a very common problem in dogs. Majority of dog owners experience this issue at times and get surprised to think that what could cause that awful breath in their pets. Well, dog’s bad [...]

Why do dogs get fleas

Fleas are fairly common in pets. If you have cats or dogs in your house, you will find that they are getting fleas very frequently. There is no particular reason for which domestic animals, especially dogs, [...]

Why do dogs eat cat feces

Do you hate to see the mouth of your doggy stuffed with cat feces? You can place your cat’s litter box away from the way in of your puppy, but it does not offer a guaranteed [...]

Why do dogs wail

Remember all those old wives’ tales about dogs wailing in the presence of ghosts, spirits or the reaper? Maybe that is why you get so spooked whenever you hear a dog wailing nearby. Well, there is [...]