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Why Do We Need to Use Lemongrass

You may have seen this thin and long perennial plant called lemongrass. However, you may not know about the benefits it can provide you. Lemongrass can be magical for your health and fitness. This is due [...]

Why Do We See Nightmares While Sleeping Soundly

While everybody would want to see the dreams that take them into a magical and happy world, some people also face tragic and disturbing nightmares while they are deep asleep. Actually, dreams only come when you [...]

Why do people cut themselves

There is a thin border between some so-called solutions and addiction. When an individual crosses the border and becomes addicted to the solution is a thing of mystery. Cutting is an example of this. People turn [...]

Why do teens get depressed

Teenage is probably the toughest phase of life. On the outside, it may look like a phase of fun and frolic but if one examines it deeply, it is not that easy to lead a life [...]

Why do people become suicidal

Losing someone to suicide is quite painful. The feeling of guilt, anger, and helplessness looms large over the hearts and heads of people who lose their near and dear ones due to suicide. Now the question [...]