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Why Do Computers Need Memory or RAM

RAM refers to random access memory of a computer. When you work on a computer, all your data or information is temporarily stored on RAM. It stores all your data in an organized manner and not [...]

Why do computers take so long to boot up

In the modern world, technology has definitely become speedier than it had been a mere few decades ago- our computers are faster, we can connect to networks almost instantly and we don’t have to wait for [...]

Why do computers suck at Math

Computers are built using maths. Every program that is written for them generally uses a lot of math and math is the language that we use to communicate with computers. It thus becomes very perplexing that [...]

Why do computers have mixed USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports

Anyone who owns a USB 3.0 compatible device knows how annoying it is to find that your computer offers a mix of USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports which means that you can only use one or [...]

Why do computers always have a lady’s voice

Everywhere you look today, you’d find your computer-run devices using a lady’s voice. Today we have female actors voicing the prominent computers in gaming titles like Mass Effect and Halo. Other examples of a computer having [...]

Why do computers lock up

We appreciate and totally rely on the artificial intelligence of computer. We bog it down with too much work and keep on pressurizing it till a time when it gets locked up or just freezes. Of [...]

Why do computers slow down

With time every person or thing becomes old and debilitated. When we age, our power to work vanishes fast and we can only think about the times when we were young and agile. It is true that [...]

Why do computers make noise

It’s really annoying to hear computers making noise, especially when you’re working in an office or a place where silence is preferable. Be it a continuous buzz, a grinding noise or a loud thunder, the irritating [...]

Why do web designers use Macs

Personal preferences aside, we have seen web designers showing a general inclination toward Macs in recent years – couple of decades rather. This peculiar shift, in a way, has pushed other PC’s on a fast lane [...]

Why do computers overheat

A general complaint of many people, i.e. computer overheating is similar to overheating of other electronic devices while they’re used. In a perfectly working computer, the inner mechanism helps extra heat energy to dissipate to avoid [...]