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Why do we celebrate Christmas

We celebrate the birth of Christ every year on the 25th of December. These celebrations are known around the world as Christmas. Festivals are necessary for a lot of reasons. It gives people a chance to [...]

Why Do We Have Christmas Bells

There is nobody who does not get attracted by the jingling of Christmas bells. These bells have been associated with the Christmas festival in a traditional way. Since Victorian times, people have been singing Christmas carols [...]

Why Do People Light Up Christmas Trees

It has been a tradition for more than a thousand years to use an evergreen tree for celebrating Christmas and other winter festivals. People decorate their houses with Christmas trees and light them up with candles [...]

Why Do We Hang Christmas Stockings

Hanging stockings up is one of the most delightful traditions in Christmas. Even Christians that live in warmed regions and do not have a fireplace, hang up stockings as a part of their Christmas celebrations. Most [...]

Why do programmers confuse Halloween and Christmas

Programmers getting confused between Halloween and Christmas is quite normal as for programmers Dec 25= Oct 31! Well if you are a non-programmer it will definitely make no sense at all. For as a non-programmer you [...]

Why do programmers always mix up Halloween and Christmas

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st and Christmas is on December 25th. There is absolutely nothing in common between these two dates but only for a non-programmer. For a non-programmer mixing up these two dates makes [...]