: ' Birds'

Why do birds build nest

Like all living creatures, birds also need an abode to sleep peacefully after a long and stressful day of work. Since birds do not have the luxury of house making laborers and architects they need to [...]

Why do birds fly into windows

We usually see birds flying into windows in summers without any provocation. Window glasses reflect the open outside world, which appears a clear path of flight according to the bird’s point of view and encourages them [...]

Why do birds stand on one leg

You must have seen birds standing on their one leg and wondered why most of the birds prefer to stand on just one leg, when balancing the body on two legs is more comfortable than resting [...]

Why Do Birds Sing

After long, harsh winters, the Spring Season with flowers and greenery all around not only brings joy and happiness to human beings, but this is the phase of the year which also makes birds and animals [...]