: ' Birds'

Why do birds migrate

Every year, we get to see millions of birds literally fly half way across the world to other destinations, only to come back to their original home a few months later. And though we may not [...]

Why do birds live longer than turtles

If someone has asked me the same question a few weeks ago, I would have probably scoffed at them for I knew, and I know that everyone else knew, that a turtle could live for several [...]

Why do birds sunbathe

Sunning or sunbathing is a very common behavior of a range of species of birds. We often find them lying down on a safe warm place under the sun with face down and the feathers of [...]

Why do birds have feathers

Feathers are one of the most unique features of birds. Among all sorts of animals present in this world, only birds have feathers or feather-like structures. [...]

Why do birds fly south for the winter

Migration is a seasonal movement seen in birds of different species. It refers to the amazing annual event in which birds fly from their living places to a completely new location at a particular time of [...]

Why do birds take dust baths

We are used to seeing birds playing in the water on a hot summer day. But seeing a bird rolling around in dust, dirt or mud and enjoying it? That’s a pretty hard one to digest! [...]

Why do birds lose feathers

The feathers happen to be a bird’s most prized possession and do more than just providing beauty to its body. Feathers are elemental in keeping a bird warm and helping it in flight, which is why [...]

Why do birds have tails

We are accustomed to seeing animals sporting tails they rarely use (save for cats that keep chasing their tails and a few other animals that use the tail to swat away flies and other parasites). But [...]

Why do birds chirp so early in the morning

It’s that time of the year again. You wake up from a deep slumber to the sound of thousands of birds chirping outside your window. You get up thinking that it is morning already and you [...]

Why do birds fall from sky

Last year falling of 50,000 birds in Arkansas made headlines everywhere as everyone was afraid as to what caused sudden falling of flying birds and their subsequent death? Surprisingly, the experts believe that there is nothing [...]