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Ever since its inauguration in 2005, Amazon Prime has become one of the most popular video streaming services. Owned by the eCommerce giant Amazon, the paid subscription offers music streaming as well as a free 2-day shipping for products purchased on Amazon. You can flexibly avail it on a monthly or yearly basis, but why should you do it? Because it’s popular! And why is it popular? Let’s discuss some possible reasons for that.

Reasons for Amazon Prime’s Popularity

There are plenty of reasons for people preferring Amazon Prime; some of the major ones are summed up as follows:

Instant Access to Video Streaming – As soon as you get your Amazon Prime subscription, you get instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows. Moreover, you can enjoy some Amazon exclusives like Mozart in the Jungle and Doctor Thorne.

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library – For bookworms, Kindle Library is a heaven with over 800k titles. Amazon Prime users can borrow a Kindle title one a month, and there’s no due date. Moreover, Prime users get access to one pre-released book on a monthly basis with Kindle First.

Lightning Deals – Those Amazon Prime users who are crazed over Amazon Lightning Deals for getting heavily discounted gadgets and fashion accessories are even more munched out with a 30-minute early access to such deals.

Membership Sharing – 2 adults can create an Amazon Household to share some of the Amazon Prime perks. They both need to be living in the same household to be eligible, however.

Music Streaming – Enjoy listening to over 1mn+ songs with Prime Music in addition to tuning in to specific music with thousands of playlists and dedicated music stations.

Prime Photos – With Amazon Prime subscription, you can also make use of Amazon Cloud Drive to store an unrestricted number of photos.

Amazon Family – Though not useful to many customers, Amazon Family allow parents to save 20 percent on diapers and 15 percent on eligible products enlisted in the baby registry.

The Catch

Yes, it’s true that many people love Amazon Prime but there are plenty others that don’t find it loveable at all. Most of the perks of Amazon Prime membership, other than the music and video streaming, are only good to those that are accustomed to make a lot of orders from the eCommerce giant.

For those unsure about whether they should go for Amazon Prime or not, the eCommerce giant offers a 30-day free trial run.


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