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All around the world, seafood is preferred by many. There are several reasons for its worldwide preference, ranging from having loads of variety in savour to packing several health benefits.

Following are some of the potential reasons that make million enjoy having seafood around the world:

Good Source of Omega-3

Omega-3 is a nutrient that packs numerous health benefits, including boosting brain function and helping in curing inflammation. Unfortunately, most of our conventional food items doesn’t stack Omega-3. However, fish is the premium source of this healthy nutrient. Fish variety like black cod and salmon are extremely preferred for providing a healthy dosage of Omega-3.

Protein Storehouse

Having a decent amount of protein is essential for ideal growth and development of the human body. Lack of protein can weaken the muscles and result into some of the most notorious health conditions. Though all varieties of meat are loaded with proteins, some of them are also less fortunately filled with fats too. Whilst fats and proteins are both vital requirements of nutritional value, the former needs to be present on the low-end. Seafood is the perfect option for those health conscious individuals looking to stay high on proteins while keeping the fats intake on the low.

Slows Cancer and Diminishes Cancer Risk

Several health studies support the assertion that inflammation can hasten up tumour growth and result into quicken up the spread of cancers that have already developed in the human body. Recent researches carried on seafood have astonishingly found that it is a great food that can help in decreasing the rate of cancer spread as well as diminishing cancer risk. Many of the seafood items like Chum Salmon have a decent amount of LDL and Omega-3, which assists in decreasing inflammation. This is a good news for cancer patients who like to have seafood as it can increase the chances of survival and long term remission.

Fights Depression

Several people around the world suffer from a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This form of depression is mostly caused by a lack of Vitamin D. Many seafood delicacies, such as Salmon, are rich in Vitamin D. Thus, having seafood can help fighting depression.

Taste Variety

Naturally, a food is appreciated for its taste by most people. Seafood is no exception to this fact. Most of the people love the very taste of seafood. Moreover, there is a very wide variety of flavour one can enjoy.


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