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iPhones have gained a strong reputation not only in the US smartphone market but in the whole world. Many people are so crazy for iPhones that they even stand and wait in long waiting lines for 1-2 days just to buy the latest versions of iPhone on the very first day of release.Here are some possible reasons for the huge popularity of Apple iPhones.


The design of Apple iPhone is considered as best in terms of look and the feel. Aesthetics of iPhone make it comfortable for a user to hold and operate the device in the most convenient way.

Powerful Hardware

It is easily noticeable that the specifications offered by an Apple iPhone is less than some other high-end Android smartphones. However, when it comes to the performance, an iPhone stands tall. The powerful processing of iPhone is due to its operating system (iOS), which requires less processing power.

Operating System

Apple has its own operating system known as iOS and it works smoothly to provide best user experience. With iOS, Apple iPhones become very easy to use and there are no complexities involved. The smooth and fast operating system in the iPhones is one of the major reasons for its worldwide appreciation.

High Performance

Even after having low specifications compared to some other smartphones, iPhones are capable of delivering high performance to users. Apple iPhones are power packed devices and run heavy applications smoothly without any kind of lags.Moreover, unlike other smartphones, iPhone retains its performance over time.

Excellent Camera

Optics used in Apple iPhones are always best in class and allow the smartphone to gain an upper hand over its competitors. From the very first iPhone released in 2007 to the latest iPhone 7, the optics have evolved well over time and even reached to the next level of photography with iPhone 7. Many people who love to capture special moments in high resolution prefers buying an iPhone.

Regular Updates

Apple is one step ahead of its smartphone OS peers and provide updates to customers so that their device doesn’t get outdated even in a small span of time. Generally, an iPhone receives updates of its iOS for almost 4 to 5 years. This feature of an iPhone allows customers to use latest software and applications.

A Social Status Symbol

This is one of the most common and obvious reasons behind the craziness of owing an Apple iPhone. A person owing an iPhone is considered among the highest social status. People are buying iPhones to make them look strong both socially and economically.



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