Why Do Whales Beach Themselves

A large number of marine animals, including whales and dolphins, strand on beaches worldwide each year. Also known as beaching, this process is common in both healthy, as well as injured, marine animals. This also happens [...]

Why do we celebrate environment day

On 5 June every year, the United Nations Environment Programme celebrates World Environment Day in coordination with various governmental and non0governmental agencies throughout the world. We find out the reason behind the celebration of the day. [...]

Why do we celebrate earth day

Every year on April 22, schools, colleges and environmental groups across more than 192 countries celebrate Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day was a result of the movement in developing nations that tried to [...]

Why do Tectonic Plate Movements Cause Earthquakes

You might have studied, or might be studying, a general introduction to tectonic plates inside the Earth’s surface during your school years. These geological objects undergo an interesting environmental phenomenon, technically called tectonic plate movements. It [...]

Why do We Call the Earth a Blue Planet

Earth, the only planet in our entire solar system, and apparently in the Universe, to inhabit life and we should be thankful for that, is the home to several million living species. Many times you have [...]

Why Do We Need to Protect Trees

The beauty of our planet is from the trees and their essential parts. Trees are the protectors of our lives. Had trees not be there, we would not have survived. They not only give us oxygen [...]

Why Do We Need Solar Energy

While researchers, scientists and intellectuals keep talking about the better utilization of solar energy, have you ever completely understood why we need to go the solar way? If you are interested in knowing more about the [...]

Why Do Glaciers Slide

When we talk about our environment, we also talk about the natural wealth on our planet. It is highly important that this wealth is preserved for our future generations. One of the essential parts of nature [...]

Why Do Some People Avoid Caring for the Environment

In an age when natural resources are on a huge decline and the environment is getting polluted and destructed day by day, there are still millions of people who are uncaring toward this condition of their [...]

Why Do Governments Develop National Parks

You would have been to many national parks where native animals and plants are nurtured. However, many of you may also have raised questions about the very existence of these parks. Actually, there are more than [...]