Why do companies advertise their products

These days we see all kind of products being advertised in the mass media. From pen refill to diamond jewellery, everything seems to be advertised by the companies. The question that arises in my mind is [...]

Why do male dogs mark

You must have seen dogs lifting their one leg and urinating on vertical surfaces. The amount of urine may be too small to qualify even as peeing but still they tend to do so frequently. So, [...]

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories

The recent Boston marathon bombings followed by the allegation of the woman (whose sons were found culprits in planting the bombs) that government was conspiring against his innocent son made me think about conspiracy theories. What [...]

Why do parrots talk

Being one of the most fascinating birds of the animal kingdom, parrots manage to enchant their viewers. They are fun loving, chirpy and attractive. So, human beings keep parrots in their homes as they are full [...]

Why do horses wear nose bands

A nose band is actually a part of horses bridle and it encircles the jaw and the nose. A nose band is actually one of the foremost tools used by human beings to domesticate an animal, [...]

Why do girls like bad boys

We have seen girls falling for bad boys right from school days to the corporate board offices. Even on popularity meter, notorious boys like film celebrities, sportsperson, politicians, business honchos have always been popular with girls. [...]

Why do Christians celebrate Easter

Easter is one of the most ancient festivals and is celebrated throughout the world in different ways. Christians particularly celebrate Easter to commemorate death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. [...]

Why do we celebrate world environment day

World Environment Day is a celebration of environment and the benefits it bestows upon us; and a reminder of the fact that we have to save and protect our environment for our progenies. The idea is [...]

Why do I need home security

In the view of myriad crimes happening on daily basis having a home security system can ease off many anxieties. It is important to take care of your as well as security of those around you. [...]

Why do horses sleep standing up

Have you ever thought of sleeping on your legs? Do you think that we human beings can stand on legs and manage to sleep without falling down? The answer is an obvious ‘No’ but surprisingly horses [...]