Why do we study accounting

Accounting or accountancy is a specialized stream of study that deals exclusively with preparation and maintenance of accounts. A few centuries ago, people learn accountancy through apprenticeships with bookkeepers. In the modern world, accounting as a [...]

Why do we still text and drive

We all know that texting while driving is dangerous and one can get slapped with a huge fine or even go to jail for texting while driving. Almost every few days we hear horror stories of [...]

Why do some people wear watches on their right hand

Traditionally, watches have been worn on the left hand and people, especially children, were chided for wearing watches on their left hands. We try to investigate why some people break the accepted “convention” and wear watches [...]

Why do people text message

Text messaging has become second nature to most of us today. Even though trade analysts keep telling us that texting is all but dead now that we have video calling, the short message service is thriving [...]

Why do people listen to music

Asking why people listen to music is like asking why do we eat, breathe or sleep. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t a scientific explanation behind our inclination towards listening to music. We find [...]

Why do Gardeners put decayed compost on soil

Most of us love pretty flowers and lush green grass but we find decayed compost pretty disgusting and unappealing. However, gardeners seem to love that yucky stuff and most even highly recommend it. If you don’t [...]

Why do doors at my home’s entrance squeak

Squeaking doors are a staple in most thriller/horror movies. However, they are also a staple for most homes. Entrance doors are especially prone to squeaking even if they have been recently installed and there appears to [...]

Why do Democrats hate American Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry had been the backbone of the American economy for a better part of the last century. However, since the late 1970s, American manufacturers have received a blow from successive democratic governments and their [...]

Why do companies issue stock

Going public is a surefire sign that a company has done well for itself in the market. However, issuing stock also means that a company’s transactions may become public information and that it is subject to [...]

Why do companies buy back stock

Companies usually issue stocks with a lot of fanfare. Most IPOs are well received and companies manage to raise a lot of money by issuing stocks. However, a lot of companies tend to buy their stock [...]