Why do we celebrate fools day

All Fools’ Day or April Fools’ Day is one of the most fun days of the year when tricking someone into doing something silly or mocking someone isn’t supposed to evoke a strong emotional reaction. While [...]

Why do cracks appear in walls and ceilings

We all are aware about cracks in walls and ceilings. You must have seen them in old heritage houses, forts and even in our good old homes. They occur due to a number of reasons from [...]

Why do kids wet the bed

Kids wet the bed due to several reasons. First and foremost is the fact that the body of kids below six years is not fully developed and their bladder does not send the message to their [...]

Why do we wash our hands

How frequently have you been told to wash your hands in a day? Parents or teachers keep telling kids to wash their hands regularly to maintain a clean and healthy way of life. We frequently suffer [...]

Why do birds fly into windows

We usually see birds flying into windows in summers without any provocation. Window glasses reflect the open outside world, which appears a clear path of flight according to the bird’s point of view and encourages them [...]

Why do we get grey hair

Grey hair is a universal phenomenon that both men and women have to experience at some stage (sooner or later) of their lives, as it is a natural process or part of getting older or wiser. [...]

Why do we snore

You may have heard your partner, or any other family member, producing vibrating sounds (snoring) while sleeping through the night and wondered what makes people produce such an annoying sound. Snoring can be defined as the [...]

Why do birds stand on one leg

You must have seen birds standing on their one leg and wondered why most of the birds prefer to stand on just one leg, when balancing the body on two legs is more comfortable than resting [...]

Why Do Birds Sing

After long, harsh winters, the Spring Season with flowers and greenery all around not only brings joy and happiness to human beings, but this is the phase of the year which also makes birds and animals [...]

Why does sky appears red during sunrise and sunset?

You must have enjoyed viewing red sky during sunrise and sunset many a time. But what makes the sky appear red during these two phases of the day is the question that amazes many a people. [...]