Offbeat — 11 July 2013

Why do we build skyscrapers

Skyscrapers are a result of the belief that only sky is the limit of ambitions. The skyscrapers are a wonder of modern innovative construction methods and they demonstrate the power of technology and human capability. The skyscrapers are not just high and mighty in their outward appearance. They have the most modern facilities till the very peak. People aspire and plan to buy apartments in skyscrapers or book office rooms in one of them because they give a strange sort of thrill and feeling of power. Looking down at the world from a high rise apartment house gives us an indefinable pleasure.

The world is short of space and the population is always increasing. With the turn of the century, the child mortality rates decreased and the population of young people started growing steadily. Spread of education and accessibility to higher education has given the youth of developing and developed nation’s better purchasing power. The family structure has also changed. People are living apart from their parents and forming their own family unit. The personal space and privacy has become more valuable. All these have increased the need of making skyscrapers so that more living space can be made out of little ground space.

It can be observed how people tried to build high buildings for deities. This shows that people have always associated tall buildings with power and respect. The Egyptian kings would build high tombs or pyramids for themselves and fill those with their treasure. Skyscrapers have a certain charm and opulence about them which attracts the human fantasy. Though the tall skyscrapers have all the modern amenities inside them still there is a high risk involved in living inside them. The skyscrapers are vulnerable in front of natural calamities like earthquake and there can be several casualties during a fire breakout.


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  1. I prefer living on the ground and where it’s not so dense and loud like in inner cities but still near enaugh the city so i can go to the various inns and attractions inside the city.

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