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Looking into the mirror and finding your teeth yellow could be depressing. Yellowish teeth are a common oral issue that everyone faces at some point in life, especially when we age. Everyone wishes to have those sparkling teeth that you see on the television but do not get the desired results because of some genetic issues, smoking, dark beverages, poor oral hygiene or unhealthy eating habits. Let us look at some of the most common reasons for teeth discolouration.

Common Causes of Tooth Discolouration

The following are the main reasons why our teeth turn yellowish or discolour with time:


When growing up, the body goes through tremendous changes, whether physical or mental. Discolouration in teeth happens as a person gets older, which is natural and inevitable. Many times genetic factors are responsible for the discolouration of the teeth.

Enamel Thinning 

Decaying tooth is a normal process. As we chew food, the white layer (enamel) of teeth wears down gradually. A material called dentin (present in the enamel itself) has a yellow colour to it. So, when the tooth starts to scrap off dentin, the teeth start to look more yellow.

Faulty Diet

Whatever an individual eats reflects on his or her body. It is as if how often you would water a plant will decide the growth of it. So are the body and our entire system. Having more food that satins your teeth is the main reason why they turn yellow. Their residue tends to stick on the enamel of the tooth, trashing the enamel gradually.


Smoking is not good for an individual in any way and adding to that is nicotine present in it, which is harmful to the teeth in many ways. Nicotine not only affects the teeth but the gums as a whole. Chewing tobacco is the maddest decision an individual can make. Smoking causes discolouration of teeth and leaves permanent stains thereafter.


Some people often develop the habit of grinding the teeth as a stress releasing method or when they are asleep. This habit is damaging to the enamel, as it can chip off or have adverse effects.

Brushing and Flossing

Brushing teeth regularly, at least twice a day, is necessary. If any individual is not having proper oral hygiene, he or she may always have the issue of yellowish teeth or other tooth-related problems. So, keep monitoring your oral health and have a one-on-one appointment with the dentist to address your oral issues, if any, as soon as possible.

Whitening Toothpaste

Toothpaste and other oral hygiene products contain bleaching elements, which cause the teeth to lose their natural colour and thereafter making them thinner and unhealthy.

How Can You Get Rid of Yellow Teeth?

  • Brush your teeth regularly and in a correct manner
  • Floss your teeth to remove plaque
  • Eat fruits and vegetables with higher water content
  • Quit smoking
  • Reduce the intake of food items, including blueberries, beetroot, red wine and coffee, which tend to stain teeth
  • Avoid using oral hygiene products with high bleaching elements
  • Finally, visit your dentist at regular intervals to maintain your oral health

Body care is in the hands of the individual. Keeping a regular check and being up to date about the oral issues can help you have a whiter, healthier and bigger smile.


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