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Why do people believe in Bigfoot

Bigfoot is a type of huge primate that looks similar to the yeti. It has never been caught, hunted or its body has not been found but still people believe in the existence of Bigfoot. There are many theories regarding what the Bigfoot is exactly. The popular most among the different theories is that Bigfoot is a type of ape that is also very intelligent and knows how to elude humans. When people want to believe in something they explain the most improbable occurrence in the most plausible manner. The first reason why over so many years without any scientific evidence people still believe in the existence of this ape-man is that many people have claimed that they have seen the Bigfoot and such news keep on spreading.

As to why they have never been captured or hunted the causes sited are that the hunting seasons are very short and hunters are not allowed to hunt as they please. Another theory claims that Bigfoot is an alien. According to this theory it came to the earth via spaceship from another planet. Some people are staunch believers of this theory and believe that Bigfoot is here on either some sort of mission or it was a child when it came but now it has grown too big yet cannot come out in the open.

Bigfoot resides in the north-western region of North America. The “shapeshifter” theory is another reason why people still buy the Bigfoot stories. People have reported that they have seen the Bigfoot turn itself into a rock or swamp. Some believe that it has the capability of becoming invisible. People with a scientific bent are more likely to believe the theory which proclaims that the Bigfoot is a prehistoric animal that did not die and it is in a primary stage of human evolution.


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  1. Hi Vinod,

    I just did a search “Why do people believe in Bigfoot” which led me here.

    You might be a “Master in English literature” but I wonder why you bother to write about Bigfoot, in such vague terms? I’m just a guy with no formal qualifications, but, I think Bigfoot is a real species of animal. I live in the U.K. so have no first hand direct experience of it. But, I’ve been reading witness/encounters for a decade now and watching the available videos on YouTube. I’m convinced by this research. The status of many witnesses lends credibility to what they relate happening to them. I’ll be very surprised if all that witness data, is misidentification etc. Seasoned experienced woodmen could occasionally be wrong, but there are so many such encounters. They add up to a reality, which science is being reluctant to investigate. Proving it scientifically would take resouces and expertise, the characteristics described for this creature, are not condusive for easy research.

    Most animals, are easy to observe. But, it depends on their character and how scarce they are. THe elusive nature of Bigfoot, is reported by most observers. Add to this that this animal has greater sensory capacity and physical agility and, is usually a dark colour, then it doesn’t seem so odd that it is difficult to validate.

    I believe it anyway! 🙂


    Michael (UK)

  2. If Bigfoot was an alien, then there must have been multiple crashes around the world. I say this because of the numerous sightings throughout North America and other countries. Australia has the Yowi, which is closely described like the American Bigfoot is. I do not believe in Bigfoot merely because of the amount of evidence that turns out to be hoaxes. I believe many people that think they encountered the creature were either describing a bear or other animal, or were on drugs..

    Nice article either way


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