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Excel Files Become Read Only

Like many Excel users, you might also have faced this issue of Excel worksheets saying Read Only. Sometimes, your Excel files can play this game with you. In such a situation, you may or may not be able to make changes in your files. There could be several reasons why Excel files become Read Only. Check them out.

File location

A common reason for your Excel files becoming Read Only for you is their location. Your files may not allow you to make changes or save your changes, as these could be saved on a network folder. If you do not have network permissions, these files may not allow you to work on them. Your Excel documents could also be located or saved on a DVD, USB drive or CD-ROM. In these cases too, your files will appear to be Read Only. Sometimes, you may be viewing a file within an e-mail program. That could again lead to your file becoming Read Only. Until you save such files on a folder that you have complete access to, you may not be able to work on them.

Security settings

Sometimes, a user may lock a file to the Read Only mode in order to protect it. In such cases, you may or may not be able to unprotect it using Excel program options. If a file is not locked using a password, you should be able to unprotect it and remove it from the Read Only mode.

Access by another user

It may happen that the Excel file you want to access is being used by another person at the same time. Some Excel files may not be edited by multiple users simultaneously. Thus, you might find a file as Read Only while another user edits it.

Corrupted files

When your Excel file goes corrupted, you will not be able to work on it and see the status as Read Only.


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