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While bed-wetting or sleep enuresis is a common issue among children, it becomes a reason of concern when it starts in adults. Usually, it is considered a sign of some ongoing medical problem or any other disease. If you also have an adult at home who is facing this problem, then it is for you to get them in consultation with a physician to understand the reasons of bed-wetting and its right way of treatment. Here, we tell you about a few common reasons so you may understand the condition in a better way.

Urinary tract infections

Many times, there is an infection in an individual’s urinary tract because of which they cannot control urine and get into an embarrassing situation in front of their family members. However, it can be treated after proper medical examination.

Bladder issues

If someone has a small bladder or an immature and developing bladder, then they may again face such a problem and cannot avoid urinating in their bed while sleeping. This can also be corrected with right medical help.


Most of the times, bed-wetting in adults is studied by examining their family history. This is because genetics plays an important role in causing this condition.

Other medical conditions

It is not always related to the above factors if an adult starts bed-wetting. The problem may be due to another medical condition, such as kidney diseases, diabetes, and prostrate gland issues. Thus, it is advisable to consult a doctor if a person has such issues.


Sometimes, bed-wetting may result as a side effect of certain medications. People being treated for neurological disorders may also face it.

Psychological factors

Finally, a major factor that cannot be ignored as a reason of adult bed-wetting is some kind of stress, tension or anxiety in the mind of a person. Fear may additionally result into the same. However, the exact reason can still be pinpointed after a thorough medical and psychological test of the patient.


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