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Why do we celebrate friendship day

Friendship day, even though it isn’t a traditional holiday, has become something of a cultural festival around the world these days. Even though different regions of the world celebrate friendship day on different dates, most countries [...]

Why do we celebrate fools day

All Fools’ Day or April Fools’ Day is one of the most fun days of the year when tricking someone into doing something silly or mocking someone isn’t supposed to evoke a strong emotional reaction. While [...]

Why do we celebrate children’s day

Most countries around the world today celebrate a national children’s day. While these country-level celebrations usually honor a national icon who has contributed to the well-being of children in the country, the United Nations too has [...]

Why do we celebrate rose day

Every year, February 7 is celebrated as Rose Day which also marks the beginning of Valentine’s Week. Even though the traditions and origins of Valentine’s Day celebrations are pretty much well known throughout the world, the [...]

Why do we celebrate Good Friday

The Christian holiday of Good Friday is known in both the Christian as well as the non-Christian world as the day when Jesus Christ was crucified and the day when he died on the cross at [...]