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Why do teens hurt themselves

Teens are not the most well behaved of all age groups. They are unruly, they can be very temperamental and at times they are literally a threat to themselves. Self injury is not uncommon among teenagers [...]

Why do teens get acne

Acne is an attribute of adolescence. This is the time of life when most individuals start getting acne. This can be frustrating because acne develops into ugly looking pimples that leave scar marks on our faces. [...]

Why do teens stress

Teenage or adolescent years are marred with conflicts and controversies. Generally it is believed that teen years are years of fun, frolic and living life to fullest, but you ask any single adolescent about how is [...]

Why do teens get depressed

Teenage is probably the toughest phase of life. On the outside, it may look like a phase of fun and frolic but if one examines it deeply, it is not that easy to lead a life [...]

Why do teens get pregnant

Teenage pregnancy is a growing problem across the world. Teenage pregnancy is not good for girls (and their boyfriends); since their bodies and minds are not mature enough to handle the stress of pregnancy, delivery and [...]