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Why do people get hangnails

Hangnails are a condition that occurs when the skin next the nail tears and protrudes outwards. The condition usually isn’t serious though it can become painful if the protruding hangnail becomes caught in fabric and tears [...]

Why do people get white hair at a young age

Getting white hair at a young age is no longer the bane of people’s existences since they can easily be hidden by applying a hair color. However, premature graying remains a big problem for those in [...]

Why do people get warts

A wart is a small growth on the skin that may look like a small cauliflower or a solid blister. These appear typically on a person’s hands and feet though it can also appear on other [...]

Why do people get hay fever

Every years, millions of people around the world experience what is called hay fever during the spring and summer. While the condition is common enough, scientists have not been able to fully understand it causes even [...]

Why do people get hangovers

A hangover occurs when a person has consumed too much alcohol. While many symptoms of a hangover like vomiting erratic motor functions, trembling or shakiness, losing consciousness, hypothermia, stupor and confusion may occur during the drinking [...]

Why do people get dragon tattoo

Dragons have been a consistent part of most ancient cultures in some form or the other. Some cultures even revered dragons and thought that these mythical beings boasted of great wisdom as well. And that is [...]

Why do people get flower tattoo

Tattoos traditionally have been a symbol of machismo and have relied rather heavily on masculine symbols for a very long time. However, of late it has become a lot more common for women to get tattoos [...]

Why do people get ear wax

Everyone has ear wax. It’s one of the bodily liquids that helps sustain the multimillion dollar ear bud and q-tip industry around the world. But many experts warn that ear wax is actually essential for us [...]

Why do people get ear infections

Most children experience an ear infection before they reach the age of 2. These infections usually cause fever and ear pain. While extremely common amongst children, most parents do not understand the reason behind an ear [...]

Why do people get bored

Feeling bored is one of the most common emotional states that every person on the planet feels on a daily basis. Even adventurers that make a living from taping shows that take them through the most [...]