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Why Do Kids Suck Their Thumbs

Thumb sucking is a common habit among toddlers who start sucking their fingers due to soothing effects of it. Most of the kids start it as a reflex action and leave this habit after their early [...]

Why Do Kids Become Addicted to Video Games

When children make excessive use of video games and remain hooked on to them all the time, it can be called nothing less than the addiction to video games. It is critical to know the reasons [...]

Why do kids stutter

Stuttering among kids can be a difficult challenge for both parents and the children. But before worrying about your kid’s stuttering issues you should know about the reasons it happens. Very little kids learn to talk [...]

Why do kids nose bleed

Often while playing, kids tend to nosebleed and they come running to you frightened by the sight of blood and considering it something seriously wrong with their bodies. For a moment you may begin to feel [...]

Why do kids talk in their sleep

Nattering during the sleep is quite common among kids as well as adults. In medical parlance it is known as somniloquy.  You may feel upset when you find your child talking clearly in his/her sleep and [...]

Why do kids stammer

Many parents worry about their kids stammering and begin to take it seriously right from the beginning, hurting the child’s self esteem. What needs to be understood is that stammering is quite common up to five [...]

Why do kids feel dizzy

Kids can feel dizzy for a number of reasons. Sometimes, dizziness is temporary caused by rides in amusement parks, not drinking enough fluids during hot days and allergies. These reasons are not any cause of concern [...]

Why do kids eat paper

Eating nonfood items is quite common among kids. Generally kids eat non food items during the age of 1-3 years when they are exploring the world around them and their sense of taste is the most [...]

Why do kids bite

Biting is quite common among toddlers. Of late, if your child has been biting quite frequently and it makes people raise their eyebrows then it is important for you to understand as to why do kids [...]

Why do kids stink

Remember the other day when your kid entered the house after playing in the ground and your house was filled up with dirty smell? Or you are the anxious parent of your growing son who stinks [...]