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Why do dogs lick themselves

We have often seen cats licking themselves, which we often associate with grooming. The same cannot be said for dogs though who seem to lick themselves at frequent intervals for several reasons apart from grooming. Here [...]

Why do dogs eat poop

As surprised as I was to find so many online resources for the question, “Why do dogs eat poop?” I was even more surprised to learn of the various reasons for the same. These reasons enlightened [...]

Why do dogs howl

Why do dogs howl is a question that has perplexed humans since centuries. Many a times you must have seen that when a fire engine passes near your home with blazing siren sound then your dog [...]

Why do dogs pant

Dogs pant primarily to cool themselves down. Unlike humans where we have sweat glands all over the body, dogs have them only in their paws. These glands are called merocrine glands and help the animal to [...]

Why do dogs lick humans

Dogs may lick humans for variety of reasons. It’s part of their behavior, which existed since a long time. Right from the birth wherein the mother dog licks her puppies to give them motherly touch and [...]

Why do dogs dislike cats so much

Though we have been conditioned to think that dogs dislike cats but it is not true entirely. There have been many instances and anecdotes when we have seen dogs and cats living peacefully in each other’s [...]

Why do dogs lick people

If you have a dog as a pet at home then you must be aware of the answer. A dog licks hands or feet of a person to show his affection and trust for that person. [...]

Why do dogs chew bones

Often you must have noticed your dog chewing on the piece of bone mirthfully. He does not like to be disturbed at the time when he is enjoying his favorite food and seems to get aggressive [...]

Why do dogs sleep so much

Sleep is very important in order to stay active and healthy. Remember the day when you could not sleep well and the next day you felt pretty lethargic. On the other hand, when you overslept, you [...]

Why do dogs bury bones

Despite them being our most preferred pets for thousands of years, we still are unaware of the motives behind some seemingly weird behavioral traits and habits of our canine friends. The tendency to bury their bones [...]