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Why do Cats Knead

Domestic cat, or Felis Catus in Latin, is one of the most popular pets. Many people take in the furry, carnivorous mammals as pets. Domesticated cats or house cats receive a great deal of praise for [...]

Why Do Cats Nibble Grass

It is not just limited to street cats but your pet cats also nibble grass when they get a chance. If you have noticed your cat doing the same and have wondered about this behavior, then [...]

Why Do You Require Pet Insurance

As human beings need medical and life insurance to ensure their security, don’t you think that your dear pet also requires insurance? While many pet owners may not have thought of considering this option for their [...]

Why Do Cats Lick Their Owners

If you have a pet cat at home that suckles you or licks you frequently, then do not be very happy by assuming that your cat loves you a lot. This behavior may mean something completely [...]

Why do cats hate water

No cat owner has ever tried to bathe a cat without getting scratches all over their arms. Like many other cat behaviors, their aversion to water is also all too famous and all too mysterious. We [...]

Why do cats run the internet

If you have logged onto YouTube or a popular social media website of late, you’re sure to have seen the latest cat video. Of course anyone who doesn’t like cats would surely be more than overwhelmed [...]

Why do cats chase mice

It’s all in the instincts. A well-fed cat may actually just look at the mouse and ignore it altogether. Cats are great hunters but when they stay indoors then they don’t primarily need to hunt around. [...]

Why do cats scratch furniture

The scientists have still not found any one definite answer for the reason behind cats scratching furniture. However, different studies have come out with different reasons behind cats’ scratching furniture. The first thing to keep in [...]

Why do dogs dislike cats so much

Though we have been conditioned to think that dogs dislike cats but it is not true entirely. There have been many instances and anecdotes when we have seen dogs and cats living peacefully in each other’s [...]

Why do cats purr

All members of the cat family (known as Felidae) including domestic cats, tigers, leopards, lions, cheetahs, jaguars and panthers purr. Purring generally means a tonal buzzing, which alternates between pulmonic egressive and ingressive airstream (and can go [...]