Science & Tech

Why Do Computers Need Memory or RAM

RAM refers to random access memory of a computer. When you work on a computer, all your data or information is temporarily stored on RAM. It stores all your data in an organized manner and not [...]

Why Do Scientists Study Glaciers

When you learn or read about glaciers, you might wonder why scientists spend so much time and efforts on their studies of these glaciers. However, there are several reasons why they do so. These huge boxes [...]

Why do all Electronics Have to be Turned Off for Takeoff and Landing

Whenever you go in a flight, you are asked to switch off your cell phones and other electronic devices. Airlines also make sure to implement this rule stringently, especially when the plane takes off or lands. [...]

Why Do We Need Technology Integration

When we use a variety of technology tools in combination with traditional classroom education in order to facilitate students’ learning and problem solving abilities in general content areas, the process is known as technology integration. Although [...]

Why Do We Only See One Side of the Moon

You might have heard about the near side and dark side of the Moon. This is actually true because we only see one side of the Moon that is the near side. The dark side is [...]

Why Do We Need a Space Weather Forecast

Space near the Earth keeps having a variety of environmental changes that together constitute space weather. Many types of effects keep occurring in the upper atmosphere. Its surrounding magnetic field interacts with several kinds of particles, [...]

Why Do Stars Twinkle

Almost all of us have heard the twinkling song about stars, but how many of us know the reason behind their twinkling? Well. If you are also unaware of it, then read on to learn about [...]

Why Do Space Missions Take So Long

  If you have been searching for an answer to why space missions take so long, then check out the following reasons that delay all types of space missions to outer planets or moon. [...]

Why Do People Need Potassium

As we need various other nutrients for a healthy body, we also need potassium that acts as an electrolyte to stimulate our body muscles and nerves. Potassium is an essential ingredient of our routine diet that [...]

Why Do Astronauts Have to Work Out on the International Space Station

Astronauts staying at the International Space Station are hardly able to work out their muscles as we can do on the Earth’s surface. This is because of the gravitational pull of Earth that we need to [...]