Why do Graveyards Seem to Never Fill Up

The ultimate destination of life is death. It’s a fate that no living being is capable of evading. While for some, death is just the end of everything, others cling into believing in distinct versions of [...]

Why do People Play Pokemon Go

  Setting a world record of over 500mn downloads in 2016 alone; Pokémon Go makes use of the newest domain of technology, the alluring Augmented Reality alias AR. Bringing the popular catch ‘em all franchise to [...]

Why Do People Hate ISIS

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or infamously known as the ISIS, is a self-proclaimed rebellious group that emerged to prominence in the early 2000. According to Wikipedia, ISIS “is a Salafi jihadist unrecognized [...]

Why Do We Have Christmas Bells

There is nobody who does not get attracted by the jingling of Christmas bells. These bells have been associated with the Christmas festival in a traditional way. Since Victorian times, people have been singing Christmas carols [...]

Why Do Men Admire Kim Kardashian

You may have wondered about it when men talk so much about the celebrity model and Hollywood actress Kim Kardashian. While Kim has been a matter of hate for many people because of her sexual insecurities [...]

Why Do People Light Up Christmas Trees

It has been a tradition for more than a thousand years to use an evergreen tree for celebrating Christmas and other winter festivals. People decorate their houses with Christmas trees and light them up with candles [...]

Why Do People eat wild turkey on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day is celebrated all over America to give thanks to others and to celebrate the harvest. On this festival, people usually organize Thanksgiving feasts that have a wide menu with dishes ranging from sweet potato [...]

Why Do Some Men Take Part in Movember

If you have just heard about the word Movember and want to know more about it, then let us tell you that it is a unique event that is celebrated in several parts of the world [...]

Why Do Business persons Wear Neckties

Neckties have been in use since the Roman age. However, their forms evolved over time. While neckties were previously used by men as an essential part of their attire, it soon started making them uncomfortable to [...]

Why Do Girls Go Crazy for Nail Art

There is a recent trend in nail fashion, which is of having creative nail art. While many girls are simply crazy about this latest fashion, men may not understand the reasons of this craziness that has [...]