Why Do Some People Start Smoking as Teenagers

While you may see no-smoking signs at various places in your surroundings and observe many kinds of campaigns taking place to make people aware of the harms of smoking, there are still some people who begin [...]

Why Do Gallstones Cause Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis refers to the inflammation of pancreas that may cause severe abdominal pain. Although there are several reasons for the development of this medical condition, gallstones are a major reason behind somebody having pancreatitis. Gallstones are [...]

Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Oatmeal

Bodybuilders usually have a stringent and hectic lifestyle that needs to be matched up by giving their bodies a good amount of energy. Their diet needs to fit in perfection with their schedule. Thus, bodybuilders require [...]

Why Do Alveoli Contain Elastic Fibers

Alveoli are part of lung parenchyma and can be termed as an anatomical structure that acts like an ending to one’s respiratory tree. Alveoli are basically air sacs that act as the point of formation and [...]

Why do we call DNA the Blueprint of Life

Deoxyribonucleic acid is commonly known as DNA. As you have a recipe for making a food item, DNA is the recipe to make an organism. It is actually the storage of an organism’s genetic code. Thus, [...]

Why Do People Take Fish Oil Supplements

There are many people who either take fish oil supplements on their own or receive recommendations by doctors to take these supplements. They do this to gain a variety of health benefits from fish oil supplements. [...]

Why Do Wounds Itch when They Are Healing

At some point of time in your life, you would have surely received a wound. You would have also faced its itch while it was being healed up. If you are now thinking why that wound [...]

Why Do We Need a Diagnosis

Diagnosis is a procedural trial to identify a possible disorder or disease in individuals. It is a crucial procedure to be performed in order to define the cluster of symptoms and causes behind a medical problem. [...]

Why Do We Use Mice to Study Human Diseases

For a long time, biologists have been conducting medical researches on mice. This is usually done to study human diseases and find appropriate treatments. Have you ever thought why mice are mostly used in medical labs? [...]

Why Do They Say that You Should Pee on Wounds

Do you find it disgusting and meaningless when you hear about peeing on your wounds? Well, many people may feel so when they are first told about it. However, you may alter your views after knowing [...]