Why do we consider Cyano-Algae Bad

Cyano-algae, which are generally blue-green algae, are commonly known as red slime algae. This type is actually not the true algae, but a type of bacteria called cyanobacteria. Cyano-algae are ancient-time forms of algae that also [...]

Why do We Study Rocks

There are many people interested in studying geology and especially about rocks. This gives them a lot of information about our planet and other interesting phenomena. Let us check out what is it about rocks that [...]

Why Do We Study the Atmosphere

Atmosphere is a cover of gases that surrounds our planet and protects us from various adverse external weather conditions. It not only shields us from Sun’s heat and radiations, but also offers oxygen for our breathing [...]

Why Do We Care About Biodiversity

When we talk about biodiversity, we are talking about the total diversity of nature and life forms. Due to a variety of human activities and the resulting global climatic changes, this balance of biodiversity is getting [...]

Why Do Plants Need Fertilizers

Along with moisture and sunlight, plants also need a variety of nutrients to survive. These nutrients can be gained from fertilizers that are necessary foods for plants apart from what they make through photosynthesis. As human [...]

Why do we need biodiversity

One prime feature of nature is that it connects us all together. No single species can survive alone. We all, directly and indirectly, depend on each other for survival and well being. Our environment needs the [...]

Why do we need to save the earth

Rising global temperatures, melting polar ice caps, bleaching coral reefs, floods and droughts – Mother Earth is ailing! Earth is the only source of life and we must save it at any cost. Without earth there [...]

Why do we need to save tigers

The age old tradition of hunting tigers to establish human valor over the fiercely free spirited animals have been stopped, at least partially, with strict laws but still a lot needs to be done for conserving [...]

Why do we need to save water

In childhood we read in our geography books that three fourth of our earth consists of water bodies. We live on the one fourth that is left. Though there is so much water out there we [...]

Why do animals become endangered

There are several reasons and factors threatening animal existence. Some of them include loss of habitat, pollution, over-hunting, over-fishing and human activities like deforestation, man induced forest fires etc. Apart from these big human activities predation, [...]