Why do we celebrate Christmas

We celebrate the birth of Christ every year on the 25th of December. These celebrations are known around the world as Christmas. Festivals are necessary for a lot of reasons. It gives people a chance to [...]

Why do cats hate water

No cat owner has ever tried to bathe a cat without getting scratches all over their arms. Like many other cat behaviors, their aversion to water is also all too famous and all too mysterious. We [...]

Why do businesses use spreadsheets

The use of spreadsheets is a common occurrence for most businesses. These spreadsheets are mostly used to store information through they also have a vital role in the day to day functioning of an office. We [...]

Why do businesses use social media

Social media may be a place on the internet but for communication addicted masses of the world, it is as real an important as a real place on the face of the earth. Since everyone and [...]

Why do businesses need finance

Starting a business of you roan may seem like the most obvious answer to the soaring unemployment levels across the globe. However, starting a new business costs money and thanks to the current economic climate, the [...]

Why do businesses need to set aims and objectives

Let’s face it folks. We live in a world where an entire generation doesn’t even know what financial security means and what having a steady job looks like. But thanks to human beings’ amazing survival instincts, [...]

Why do business partnerships fail

We have seen it way too often for our own good- guys and girls that have been best friends for the longest time decide to start a business together. Everything seems to be going fine at [...]

Why do bugs roll onto their backs when they die

If you have ever tried to kill a large bug or insect with a spray, you know that the bug isn’t really dead until it is on its back and not twitching its tiny little legs [...]

Why do we need network security

Data is the key to all power in the modern world. Companies and organizations spend billions every year to create security systems to keep their data safe. However, companies also need to keep their system on [...]

Why does an internet business fail

These days, it seems like an internet business just cannot fail. But that is a flawed and misconstrued assumption and each day we see more online businesses closing shop because they have made some very basic [...]