Why do humans have less body hair

It is still a great mystery as to why do humans have so little hair despite the fact that hair could keep our bodies warm and could have provided many more benefits. In fact, human beings [...]

Why do cats scratch furniture

The scientists have still not found any one definite answer for the reason behind cats scratching furniture. However, different studies have come out with different reasons behind cats’ scratching furniture. The first thing to keep in [...]

Why do dogs dislike cats so much

Though we have been conditioned to think that dogs dislike cats but it is not true entirely. There have been many instances and anecdotes when we have seen dogs and cats living peacefully in each other’s [...]

Why do dogs lick people

If you have a dog as a pet at home then you must be aware of the answer. A dog licks hands or feet of a person to show his affection and trust for that person. [...]

Why do we fear the dentist

If you have been tolerating that excruciating pain in your tooth but still do not want to go the dentist then be assured, it’s not only you, there are many people who fear going to the [...]

Why do dogs chew bones

Often you must have noticed your dog chewing on the piece of bone mirthfully. He does not like to be disturbed at the time when he is enjoying his favorite food and seems to get aggressive [...]

Why do babies cry after birth

Immediately after the baby’s birth, babies are expected to cry within 30 seconds to one minute of their lives. This crying is necessary for the baby to survive because while inside the mother’s uterus, the babies [...]

Why do girls like chocolate

There are many reasons behind girls love for chocolates. This has got to do a lot with the female hormone cycle in a woman’s body contrary to boy’s almost stable hormonal status throughout the month. Women [...]

Why do babies drool

Most of the times you will find babies drooling and wetting their clothes. Before understanding the reasons which make them drool we need to understand what saliva is and what its function is. Saliva is a [...]

Why do you never see baby pigeons

If you are fond of bird watching then you must have noticed that baby pigeons are not easily seen. You may locate all kind of baby birds under the sun but finding baby pigeons in open [...]