Why Do Mothers Get Custody

Statistics show that it is mostly women who win legal battles regarding the custody of their children. Is the law more favorable or biased toward women when it comes to children’s responsibility? Let us see whether [...]

Why Do Dolphins Jump

Everyone likes to see jumping dolphins that frequently keep coming out and going back into the water. There have been many debates among animal behavior experts regarding this jumping behavior of dolphins. While such debates will [...]

Why Do Gallstones Cause Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis refers to the inflammation of pancreas that may cause severe abdominal pain. Although there are several reasons for the development of this medical condition, gallstones are a major reason behind somebody having pancreatitis. Gallstones are [...]

Why Do Sheep Need A Shepherd

If you have been to some farming lands, then you would have observed several flocks of sheep running here and there on roads and in nearby areas. When you watch a flock carefully, you would usually [...]

Why Do Wrestlers Wear Headgear

Wrestlers use headgear that offers them protection during their wrestling matches. However, most people go by its name and think that headgear is used to protect the heads of wrestlers. Actually, headgear is used to cover [...]

Why Do Buildings Collapse During Earthquakes

High-intensity earthquakes often make several buildings collapse. An earthquake is actually the result of sudden releases of high energy that take place from the crust of Earth. Since an earthquake leads to travelling waves of high [...]

Why Do Kings Wear Crowns

In movies or dramas, you may have seen kings wearing crowns on their heads. Have you ever wondered why they used to do so? Well, this tradition dates back to around 3000 B.C. when different cultures [...]

Why Do America Drive on the Right

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Why Do Boats Have Steering on Right

When you go on a beach holiday, you might like to drive a boat on seawaters. If you have already driven a powerboat, then you may have noticed that it offers you a right-side driving console. [...]

Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Oatmeal

Bodybuilders usually have a stringent and hectic lifestyle that needs to be matched up by giving their bodies a good amount of energy. Their diet needs to fit in perfection with their schedule. Thus, bodybuilders require [...]