Why do we celebrate thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has become the preeminent holiday which is known around the world as a distinctly American tradition. Here are some of the popular reasons behind the celebration of thanksgiving. [...]

Why do we celebrate Halloween

Halloween today is a largely commercialized festival today that most people believe to be an American invention. Typical Halloween festivities include watching horror films, going to costumer parties, telling scary stories, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, [...]

Why do we celebrate earth day

Every year on April 22, schools, colleges and environmental groups across more than 192 countries celebrate Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day was a result of the movement in developing nations that tried to [...]

Why Do Firefighters Use Dalmatians

If you ever check those fire trucks, then you would mostly find a Dalmatian dog accompanying firefighters. You may even go to a firehouse to see Dalmatians running around. What is this special relationship between firefighters [...]

Why Do Rappers Talk About Illuminati

Illuminati indicate toward a sort of secret society that aims at creating a new order in the world. Some people believe that this organization includes many wealthiest people in this world. It is thought that Illuminati [...]

Why Do Asylum Seekers Come To The UK

Many research studies and surveys have focused on asylum seekers preferring to come to the United Kingdom (UK). Several of these expert studies suggest that there are predetermined reasons of choosing the UK over other countries. [...]

Why Do Investors Purchase Bonds

Modern financial markets have now moved on a long distance from traditional bonds and stocks. There are many complex products that are on offer for investors. However, there are some investors who are still interested in [...]

Why Do Hamsters Lose Their Fur

Fur loss is a common thing observed in hamsters. It can be linked either to a disease or to other non-disease factors. There are several reasons behind fur loss in hamsters. Check out some of the [...]

Why Do Mothers Get Custody

Statistics show that it is mostly women who win legal battles regarding the custody of their children. Is the law more favorable or biased toward women when it comes to children’s responsibility? Let us see whether [...]

Why Do Dolphins Jump

Everyone likes to see jumping dolphins that frequently keep coming out and going back into the water. There have been many debates among animal behavior experts regarding this jumping behavior of dolphins. While such debates will [...]